User Authentication error during CUCM configuration

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User Authentication error during CUCM configuration

Problem Summary While configuring AXL provider details in CUCM configuration page (either during setup or later in normal mode), we see a pop up that states that the AXL user could not be authenticated
Error Message AXL user authentication error
Possible Cause The user credentials entered are incorrect or "Change password on next login" is checked for the AXL user.
Recommended Action

Login into CUCM admin and verify the following:

1. The username /pssword being entered in UCCX is valid

2. The AXL user has "AXL API Access" permission for which that user should have minimum "Standard AXL API Aceess" role

3. Click "Edit Credential" button on application user configuration page and verify that option "User Must Change at Next Login" is unchecked

Release Release 8.0(1)
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