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CUCM Trace Lookup Scenarios

We have a Multi-Services Voice Debug Lookup Tool for different troubleshooting scenarios located here:

This document indicates the different combination of traces that are required by TAC in different scenarios so that customers can provide complete information to the CSE at the beginning of the case itself. This saves time and allows us to solve the cases faster as majority (if not all) of the right information is given to us, and we do not need to ask for it again.

I have specified a few scenarios below that are commonly faced by the customer. This can be used as a reference.


         a. Detailed Cisco Call Manager Traces

             Please make sure that the SIP Call Processing Traces and SIP Stack traces are also checked in case you have any SIP devices/trunks involved in the call flow. SIP Stack traces should be enabled when the call volume is not very high as it takes up more CPU cycles, leaving less available for call processing.

             SoftKey traces are also important and can be turned on.

             We don't need to change the level of SDL traces, unless explicitly asked for.


         b. Event Viewer - Application and Event Viewer - System logs.

         c. Timestamps of call failures, Calling and Called numbers.

         d. Detailed Call Flow (Devices involved in the call flow & Protocols).


         Please collect all of the below traces for a particular time period before the problem began till after the problem went away. For instance, if we started observing high CPU or memory usage at 4 P.M. and the problem went away by 5 P.M.,  then we would collect traces for a time interval of 3:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. This time interval can vary from one issue to another, and also based on the customer set up.

         a. Detailed Cisco Call Manager traces.

         b. Event Viewer - Application and Event Viewer - System logs.

         c. Cisco RISDC and Perfmon logs.

         d. Cisco AMC service.

         e. Cisco Tomcat and Tomcat Security logs.

         f.  Outputs from CLI: 'show status', 'show process using-most cpu/memory', 'show process load'.

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