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Configuration Issue

Problem Summary: You see the "cannot connect to SIP server" error or if you receive SIP 408 timeout errors on the SIP Subscribe Notify client component

Possible Cause: The required SIP ports are not opened on VOS platform.

Recommended Action: Make sure that the following required SIP ports are opened on VOS platform. The port and secured port required by SIP Event Notification Generator component. The LocalPort and SecurePort required by SIP Subscribe Notify client component .The command to open the ports (for specific transport protocols) on VOS platform. For example, to open a TCP port on 5063: /usr/local/bin/base_scripts/sd_iptables -p tcp -open 5063

For example, to open a UDP port on 5063: /usr/local/bin/base_scripts/sd_iptables -p udp -open 5063The command to check which ports are open is iptables -L

Release: 2.0

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