Upgrading : Scheduler does not start after an upgrade

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Upgrading : Scheduler does not start after an upgrade

Problem Summary Scheduler does not updated after an upgrade to Cisco Unified IS Release 7.5(3) or 7.5(4)
Error Message Not applicable.
Possible Cause Scheduler is not backed up before starting the upgrade
Recommended Action Replace the scheduler from the back up location that the installer creates.

1. Locate the backup folder to which the installer program has backed up the scheduler files. This folder is usually located in <CUIS_HOME>\CUISScheduler and named using the current CUIS version separated with underscores(_), for example _CUIS_7_5_4_0_0_0_12.

2. Copy the CuisScheduler.exe.config file from this backup folder.

3. Replace the new scheduler file located at <CUIS_HOME>\CUISScheduler with this backup copy. This restores the scheduler settings.

4. Click Start menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services to open Windows Service Manager.

5. Right-click Cisco Unified Intelligence Suite Scheduler service and select Start.

Releases Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # CSCti59698

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