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== MA Trace Levels ==
== MA Trace Levels ==

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MA Trace Levels

Problem Summary There is no separate trace mask for Mobile Agent.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause See below.
Recommended Action Following are the Trace levels to troubleshoot the Mobile Agent:

JTAPI Gateway (To enable trace for Mobile Agent, the following traces can be enabled as needed.):

  • <Procmon customer instance name> <nodename>
  • JT_MEMORY /on


  • The existing tele_drive_OP_ERR bit is turned on using default trace level.


  • Condition: The user has configured the mobile agent option within the Unified ICM Agent Desk settings page. However the Agent Desktop softphone application does not display any fields on the login dialog for the agent to log in as a mobile agent.
  • Problem: The CTI OS Server was not set up properly during install or the connection profiles defined in the registry are not defined correctly for Mobile Agents. The ShowFieldBitmask value needs to be defined in the connection profile for the appropriate mobile agent settings. The CTIOS Server connection profiles sent tothe CTI OS client desktop contains the information for ShowFieldBitmask which controls what fields are displayed on the login dialog.
  • Recommended Action: Rerun the CTI OS Server setup program, on the Peripheral dialog screen, select the Mobile Agent option and the appropriate work mode. The registry is automatically updated with the appropriate values when the CTI OSServer setup program is run.
Release Release 7.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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