Unified ICM and Unified CCE Database Troubleshooting: ICMDBA Log and Data Percents Differ

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== ICMDBA Log and Data Percents Differ ==
== ICMDBA Log and Data Percents Differ ==
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</td></tr><tr><td> '''Recommended Action''' </td><td>No action required.
</td></tr><tr><td> '''Recommended Action''' </td><td>No action required.
</td></tr><tr><td> '''Release''' </td><td>Release 7.5(1)</td></tr><tr><td> '''Associated CDETS&nbsp;#''' </td><td> None. </td></tr></table>
</td></tr><tr><td> '''Release''' </td><td>Release 7.5(1) and 8.0</td></tr><tr><td> '''Associated CDETS&nbsp;#''' </td><td> None. </td></tr></table>
[[Category:Unified ICM/CCE & Hosted, Release 7.5]]
[[Category:Unified ICM/CCE & Hosted, Release 7.5]]
[[Category:Unified CCE, Release 8.0]]

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ICMDBA Log and Data Percents Differ

Problem Summary ICMDBA displays different values for the log and data % used between the two sides.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause The data and log size discrepancy shown between Logger A and Logger B database is normal, for the following reasons:
  • The historical data content could differ depending how accuracy will be recovery synchronization between Logger A and Logger B.
  • SQL server may manage the data and log pages differently on each system
  • The data checkpoint mechanism in effect at a particular time may cause differences.
Recommended Action No action required.
Release Release 7.5(1) and 8.0
Associated CDETS # None.

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