Unified ICM Gateway: Interactions with Unified Expert Advisor

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Interactions with Unified Expert Advisor

Problem Summary Unlike other types of PGs, no call events are received from the Unified Expert Advisor system. The only exception is the routing dialog to route calls and a single CALL_TERMINATION_EVENT to indicate when a call has ended on Unified Expert Advisor.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause Once the PG is up, the running (active) PG receives Agent state events that indicate the current state of Unified Expert Advisor system resources as they change.
Recommended Action The Unified ICM Gateway (running on the runtime servers) and the Peripheral Gateway (PG)connects the Expert Advisor system to the Unified ICM system. When the Unified ICM PG starts, the PG issues monitor requests and queries for all known agent devices and it requests configuration information from the active runtime server. This is how initial agent state is acquired for an expert advisor, and how Assignment Queues (skill groups in ICM) and expert advisors (agents on Unified ICM) are auto-configured from Unified Expert Advisor to Unified ICM.

The PG also issues ROUTE_REGISTER_EVENT messages to request routing control over the Translation Route DNs specified in the Unified Expert Advisor (System Management > Translation Route Targets).

Release Release 7.6(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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