Unified ICME: Incorrect Number for Play Data Micro-applications

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Incorrect Number for Play Data Micro-applications

Problem Summary If you enter an integer value that has a max value of 0x7fffffff (2147483647) in the ICM script it does not play the required prompt.
Error Message 33: Apr 20 2007 16:50:43.062 +0530: %CVP_4_0_IVR-3-MICROAPP_FORMAT_ERROR: [VARIABLE_DATA(13)] CALLGUID=0EB8F53B-10000112-69665ACE-0A4D3CAE: [VARIABLE_DATA(13)] A number value is expected in '-1e+006' {VRUScriptName: PD,Number,8 ConfigParam: 9,Y } [id:3016]"
Possible Cause Large numbers must be used as strings (enclosed in quotes) in ICM scripts used by Play Data Micro-applications.
Recommended Action If you are using integers that are larger than nine digits, enclose the value in quotation marks, so it will be treated as a string.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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