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This wiki page discusses Unified CM Session Manager designs and Cisco's recommended best practices for successful Unified CM Session Manager deployments.

UC deployments using Unified CM Session Manager Edition are a variation on the Multi-site Distributed Call Processing deployment model and are typically used where large numbers of UC end systems need to be interconnected via a single UC system - i.e. The Unified CM Session Manager. A deployment using Cisco Unified CM Session Manager Edition is essentially a Unified CM cluster with trunk interfaces only and with no IP endpoints. It allows aggregation of multiple Unified Communications systems, referred to as leaf systems.

Note Note: Most Unified CM Session Manager deployments will interconnect UC systems from different UC vendors, or different UC system software versions. As with any large UC System integration, it is important that your UC system has been interoperability tested before going live - Please read the information contained in the Interoperability Testing link below

Note Note: During the the initial releases of Unified CM Session Manager - Cisco has put in place a Session Manager Design Approval Process to ensure that Session Manager deployments are scoped and sized correctly - For any new Session Manager Design please make sure that your account team submit your Session Manager design for approval, as this is important if you wish to get the correct level of support from Cisco - Please read the information contained in the Design Approval Process link below

Session Manager Designs - More Information about Unified CM Session Manager Designs

Interoperability Testing - Session Manager Edition: Interoperability Testing - Important Please Read

Design Approval Process - Session Manager Edition: Design Approval Process - Important Please Read

Staging Requirements - Staging Requirements for Interoperability Testing

What to do next ? - Next Steps for your Session Manager Edition Design

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