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(Unable to login WSM user)
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Unable to login WSM user

Problem Summary WSM clients such as System CLI indicate authentication failure or invalid user name or password.
Error Message HTTP response status code 401.
Possible Cause Clients submit incorrect user name or password. WSM user name or passwor is not configured correctly.
Recommended Action Check if the user name is listed in the user management in OAMP. Make sure the user has the web services role (see OAMP for details). Make sure OAMP and ORM are running properly. Check if CVP\conf\webservices\WebServicesCredentials.xml file exists. Check if the username is listed in that file. If the username is not listed in that file, the problem is in OAMP or ORM. If the username is listed in that file, make sure the password is set correctly in OAMP.
Release 8.0(1) and later
Associated CDETS # None.

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