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== <Tip Title> ==
== System CLI: Unable to login ==
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[[Category:Unified CVP, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CVP, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CVP 8.x Troubleshooting]]

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System CLI: Unable to login

Problem Summary Unable to log into the System CLI.
Error Message Error message indicates that username or password is invalid.
Possible Cause Before using the System CLI on a CVP device, the Operations Console must be up and running. The device must be configured on the Operations Console. The Operations Console manages System CLI user names and passwords for CVP devices. After the CVP installation a default user name and password is created for the System CLI. The default user name is "wsmadmin". The default password is the same as the Operations Console password configured during installation. The user name and the password can be created/modified using the "User Management" part of the Operations Console.
Recommended Action Check if the CVP Operations Console service is running. Make sure that password is entered correctly. If the password is forgotten, reset the password in the Operations Console.
Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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