Unified CVP: Reporting Server Installation and Purge

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Editing Reporting Server: Installation and Purge

Problem Summary You begin installation of the Reporting Server over a weekend or a three-day break, and you have scheduled a purge.
Error Message Error Log shows "Data found in the Remainder Fragment."
Possible Cause The purge process allocates space up to two days in advance of it being needed. It can only allocate space before the space is required; it cannot allocate space for 'today'. The installation process allocates the first two days worth of space. If the installation is started on a Friday and then picked back up on a Monday, disk space will not be allocated for Sunday's data or Monday’s data.
Recommended Action Execute a purge before the second midnight from the time of the start of the installation process.
Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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