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Cisco Unified Contact Center Management Portal

Cisco Unified Contact Center Management Portal (Unified CCMP) is a browser-based management application designed for use by contact center system administrators, business users, and supervisors. It is a dense multi-tenant provisioning platform that overlays the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Unified CCE), Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM), and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (Unified CVP) equipment.

From a Unified CCMP perspective, the underlying Unified CCE equipment is viewed as configuration items, generally known as resources, such as agents or IP phones. Unified CCMP partitions the resources in the equipment using a familiar folder paradigm, and these folders are then secured using a sophisticated security structure that allows administrators to specify which users can perform which actions within the specified folder(s).

The Unified CCMP focus on supplying dense multi-tenancy functionality helps support the business plans of large enterprises because it allows the distributed or disparate contact center equipment to be partitioned or segmented to satisfy the following business goals:

  • Unified CCMP abstracts and virtualizes the underlying contact center equipment, thereby allowing centralized deployment and decentralized control, which in turn provides economies of scale while supporting multilevel user command and control.
  • Unified CCMP allows the powerful and flexible native Unified CCE provisioning operations to be abstracted into simple high-level tasks that enable business users to rapidly add and maintain contact center services across the virtualized enterprise (or a portion thereof).
  • Unified CCMP users see only the resources in the platform that they are entitled to see, thereby providing true multi-tenancy.
  • Unified CCMP users may manipulate only those resources visible to them by using Unified CCMP tools and features they have been authorized to use, thereby providing role-based task control.

The Unified CCMP Web interface allows for the concurrent provisioning activities of hundreds of end users, thus avoiding the surge of activity at the Administration & Data Server (formerly known as Admin Workstation, or AW) sometimes experienced in Unified CCE deployments where provisioning requests can stack up during busy periods. This surge of activity is smoothed by Unified CCMP, so that the central site is not overloaded with provisioning requests.

Product Training Material

Over the next 5 modules we will present Unified Contact Center Management Portal 8.5(3).

  1. Unified CCMP 8.5(x) - Introduction - In this section we will provide the reader with a brief introduction to Unified CCMP & also provide links to various material already posted across Cisco.com.
  2. Unified CCMP 8.5(x) - Architecture - In this section we will describe the system architecture of Unified CCMP.
  3. Unified CCMP 8.5(x) - Installation - In this section we will demonstrate how to install and configure Unified CCMP.
  4. Unified CCMP 8.5(x) - Integration - In this section we will provide the material to fully understand in detail the integrations mechanisms between Unified CCMP, Unified CCE and Unified CM.
  5. Unified CCMP 8.5(x) - Security - In this section we will demonstrate the security model used in Unified CCMP.

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