Unified CCMP 8.5(x) - Introduction

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Unified CCMP 8.5(x) Introduction

If you are completely new to Unified Contact Center Management Portal, you need to start with the basics...

What is CCMP?

Cisco Unified Contact Center Management Portal provides a simple-to-use web-based user interface to streamline the day-to-day provisioning and configuration operations performed by contact center managers, team leads, or administrators - such as moves, adds, or modifications of phones, agents, skill groups, teams, and other common contact center administrative functions. Agents with appropriate permission are also provided a unique interface on the Cisco Unified Contact Center Management Portal on which they can make changes to their profile and work assignment. The unified configuration of the management portal is designed to simplify administration of both the applicable IP-based contact center elements and the Cisco Unified Communications Manager components. The Cisco Unified Contact Center Management Portal is a partitioned system that can support multiple business units with complete autonomy, and it offers hierarchical administration to support multiple business-level users with specific roles and responsibilities. Finally, to help administrators and managers keep track of contact center modifications, it provides audit-trail reports detailing all configuration changes and usage of the management portal. From the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 8.5 Datasheet

Video on Demand: The Basic (Supervisor) Interface

We've put together a brief video that walks through the Supervisor GUI interface:

Unified CCMP Supervisor Interface

Video on Demand: The Advanced (Administration) Interface

We've put together a brief video that walks through the Administration Web UI:


Video on Demand: The Bulk Upload Feature

We've put together a brief video that walks through how to setup and use the Bulk Upload feature of Unified CCMP:


Where can I obtain resources to understand this further?

  • Start with the existing User Manual, Administration Manual and Installation Guide found on the home page to this CCMP wiki:

CCMP 8.5(3) User Manual
CCMP 8.5(3) Administration Manual
CCMP 8.5(3) Installation Guide

Where can I go to ask questions?

There are a number of places you can go to, depending on the query. Typically if the question is not urgent you could use:

- Cisco Community Support Forums - Prior CCMP postings are a bit thin on the ground, but there are some useful posts.
- Docwiki - This wiki!

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