Unable to receive Unified CCX SNMP Traps

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(Unable to receive Unified CCX SNMP Traps)
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[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.0]]
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Unable to receive Unified CCX SNMP Traps

Problem Summary Not able to receive SNMP Traps when the Unified CCX server generates events for the Trap.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause Relevant SNMP services may not be up, or SNMP settings may not be proper.
Recommended Action
  • From the RTMT -> Critical Services, verify that the following services are up and running : SNMP Master Agent, Cisco Unified CCX Voice Subagent, Cisco Unified CCX SNMP Java Adaptor.
  • From Cisco Unified Serviceability, Go to SNMP -> v1/v2c -> Notification Destination, and verify the configuration. Make sure that
    • The notification type is set to “Trap”.
    • The IP Address or the host name of the Notification destination is correct.
    • The Community Name mentioned is correct and the security permissions are set correctly.
  • On the trap receiver (the NMS system) make sure that the same community names are defined in the SNMP configuration as verified above. Make sure traps are enabled by verifying that the "cvaNotificationEnable" is set to true in the ciscoVoiceAppsMIB.

If the issue is still seen, collect all the logs for the services mentioned above using RTMT Trace and Log Central for further investigation.

Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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