Unable to Switch to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting

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Unable to Switch to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting

Problem Summary Changing the reporting client from HRC to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center fails.
Error Message Reporting Client configuration operation failed.
Possible Cause The switch operation starts Cisco Unified Intelligence Center and waits for it to come online, and then syncs the reporting users to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center. If the operation fails, either Cisco Unified Intelligence Center did not start or the API to sync the users failed.
Recommended Action

1. Verify MCVD logs for the error MCVD-CVD-7-UNK:ReportingClientConfigurationController.setReportingClient() Encountered exception :: Exception=

  • If Exception = RestClientException: Unable to retrieve platform admin credentials, check whether Platform DB (A Cisco DB) is running or not and start if it is running.
  • For any other exception, check Cisco Unified Intelligence Center logs to verify whether Cisco Unified Intelligence started.
  • Retry the operation.

2. If MADM logs is showing "Unable to retrieve platform admin credentials" means that your platform admin credentials has been changed and you may have to reset to old value . Below is the workaround which can be used to retrive old value and use CLI to reset back to old platform admin. Work around

1. Enable root access to the publisher node. 2. Download CET Tool and login to the publisher node. 3. Open com.cisco.crs.cluster.config.ClusterSpecificConfig Object and go to com.cisco.crs.cluster.config.ClusterSpecificConfig tab. 4. Expand the window a little to see the Application Admin User name parameter under General Sub Tab.Note down the value of this parameter. 5. Login to CLI 6. Reset the application admin user to the value from step 4 by executing the command - utils reset_application_ui_administrator_name 7. Now try enabling CUIC from appadmin. It will succeed.

Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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