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Scenario Setup

File Server

  1. Put the CiscoMB folder on the File Server instead of the Services Server

Services Server

  1. Remove/Rename the CiscoMB folder

System Console

  1. Stop the Listener process
  2. Attempt to start the Listener Process and Instance

Problem Statement

Unable to start the Listener Instance after configuring CMB parameters. The following error appears when trying to start the Listener Instance:



This error indicates that the main Listener Process has not been started.

  1. Navigate to System > Shared Resources > Services > Listener and Select the Listener Service-process from the right pane. Start the Listener Process.
  2. After the Listener Process has started navigate to System > Partitions > default > Services > Listener > Listener
  3. From the right pane highlight the UCUM and start the services.
  4. The following error appears:
    Listener Error.jpg

Digging Deeper

The trace level for the Listener-process is set to 4-Info in this scenario.

  • Hint: The following error in the snip-it from the eimService;Listener-process log is present even when the listener process starts properly.


  • Listener service is reading provider configuration from CMB Parameters and <IP address_port>.properties file. The default location of this file is on the services server c:\CiscoMB


  • The error occurs when the Listener cannot read the directory structure for Cisco Media Blender from the services server


  • This is the error message displayed to the system console pop-up.


  • Cisco Media Blender will try to connect and you will see in the CMB logs that the connection to the eimServices fails due connection refused



CMB requires the entire file directory structure copied from the CMB server to the CIM Services Server.

  1. Copy the entire CiscoMB folder from the Cisco Media Blender server to the services server.
  2. Be sure to copy the entire folder into the same directory as the Media Blender Server. For example if the Media Blender is installed in C:\CiscoMB on the Media Blender then copy this directory to the C:\CiscoMB on the services server.
  3. Navigate to System > Partitions > default > Services > Listener > Listener
  4. From the right pane highlight the UCUM and start the services.

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