Unable to Determine if Refresh Upgrade is Successful

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Unable to Determine if Refresh Upgrade is Successful

Problem Summary The user is not able to determine if Refresh Upgrade (RU) is successful or not.
Error Message "Upgrade complete" message is displayed in GUI but not able to login.
Possible Cause If RU is initiated from the GUI then within a few minutes a user might see a message stating “Upgrade Complete” in the logs. This message does not indicate that RU is complete.
Recommended Action Use one of the following actions to confirm the status of Refresh Upgrade:
  • Monitor the upgrade progress on the console.
  • Configure a valid email address and SMTP server settings when initiating the RU, then a user email notification is sent regarding the success or failure of RU.
  • Log on to Cisco Unified OS Admin application, navigate to Settings > Version and see if 9.0(1) version is listed as an inactive version.
Note Note:
  • RU takes approximately 75 minutes to complete the upgrade.
  • RU involves multiple reboots.
  • RU process does not request any user input.
  • If RU fails, it boots back to Version 8.x.
Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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