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UI Debugger

Following debuggers can be used to debug Unified EIM / Unified WIM UI issues:

  • Microsoft Visual Interdev.
  • Microsoft Script Debugger.
  • Cisco Interaction Manager Debugger.

Setting up UI Debugger:

  • Install Visual Interdev that is part of the ‘Microsoft visual studio’.
  • Microsoft Script Debugger is installed by default.

Check Start->Programs->Accessories->Microsoft Script Debugger If it is not there then download it (Microsoft Windows Script 5.6) from Microsoft web site and install.

  • Enable Script Debugging in Browser
    • Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Browsing
    • Clear checkbox ‘disable script debugging’.
    • Select checkbox ‘Display notification about every script error’.
  • Enable Java Console in browser (Microsoft VM)
    • Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Microsoft VM
    • Select(check) all three checkboxes.
  • Enable Java Console for JDK plug-in (JDK 1.4.2_08)
    • Start->Setting->Control Panel->Java Plug-in->right click and open
    • Select Radio button ‘Hide Console’ under Java Console.
    • Select checkbox ‘Show java in system tray’.

– Microsoft Script Debugger – Visual Interdev – JSP Debugger

Most of the popular Java IDEs have debugging facilities for server-side JAVA.

  • Visual Cafe
  • IBM’s Visual-Age for Java.
  • JBuilder
  • Forte For Java
  • JProbe
  • Java Debugger (JDB)

Cisco Interaction Manager Debugger Commands:

  • dumpexpr – Evaluate an Enterpriseion like dumpexpr parentWin.getCache(“userName”).
  • clear – Clear traces and timer output in debug window.
  • cleartrace – Clear trace debug window.
  • cleartimer – Clear timer debug window.
  • traceon – Turn on tracing.
  • traceoff – Turn off tracing.
  • show – Show buffers for this page.
  • hide – Hide buffers for this page.
  • showall – Show buffers for all the pages.
  • hideall - Hide buffers for all the pages.
  • view – View all frames created in the system.
  • object – View all pages loaded in the system.
  • timeron – Turn on timer.
  • timeroff – Turn off timer.

Cisco Interaction Manager UI Debugger Commands:

  • timerflush – Remove timer.
  • timerreport – Create timer report.
  • timerreporton – Turn timer reporting on.
  • timerreportoff – Turn timer reporting off.
  • viewcache – View client cache.
  • contexton – Turn IE context menu on.
  • contextoff – Turn IE context menu off.

Note: These debug parameters do not have any impact on the UI performance.

Java Console:

  • Microsoft VM
    • In Internet Explorer View->Java Console will launch java console for MS VM.
  • Java Plug-in
    • Double click on ‘Java Console’ icon in system tray & set trace level to 5

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