UCM Telephony SS in partial service on a node

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UCM Telephony SS in partial service after fall back to Node1

Problem Summary UCM Telephony SS in partial service on a Node
Error Message Unified CCX Engine -> Unified CM Telephony subsystem is in partial service on a node.

Calls receive busy tone when that node is made the publisher.
Engine restart on that node does not fix this problem

Possible Cause During the initial HA setup, there may have been an error in creating a JTAPI user on that node due to such a JTAPI user already existing in CUCM. So the set of CTI ports for a call control group may not have been created on that node.
Recommended Action Delete the call control group from this node and see if the Unified CM Telelphony SS should comes into service.
Release Release 8.0(1) onwards
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