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This information addresses UCCE-specific browser interfaces such as Web-setup and Agent Re-skilling.
See separate pages for options such as [CUIC], WIM, EIM and Finesse.


UCCE Release 9.X.(x) Supported Browsers

Internet Explorer 9.0

There are no known defects with this browser.

UCCE Release 9.X.(x) Non-supported Browsers

All others


  • Unified ICM-CCE-CCH Diagnostic Framework Portico
When selecting any of the logs or traces, the right pane is not updated with the information. Instead, "Processing Request..." is displayed and never removed
Using a developer tool, you can see a java error:
Uncaught TypeError: Property 'childNodes' of object #<Element> is not a function (GetMenu:678)
the code for that line is
if( xmlNode.childNodes(i).nodeName != "dp:Schema" )
<element>.childNodes returns an array. Parenthesis are not the way to specify an item in an array; you need to use brackets. Replacing childNodes(i) with childNodes[i] should fix the issue (note that this error in the code is throughout the javascript for the page).

UCCE Release 8.5.(x) Supported Browsers

Internet Explorer 7.0
Internet Explorer 8.0

There are no known defects with these browsers.

UCCE Release 8.5.(x) Non-supported Browsers

All others 

There are no known defects with these browsers.

Definitions and Terminology

Supported: Tested and supported by Cisco TAC

Non-supported: This browser is not formally included in the Cisco testing process and errors in this browser will not be troubleshooted by TAC. If you do use this browser, then we encourage you to report defects by editing this page (Log in with your cisco.com account and then click edit).

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