Turning on IPVMS Traces

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Turning on IPVMS traces

Problem Summary For any IPVMS Driver related issues the DriverMap.txt and "message" traces are required. This tip explains how to run the CLI commands to get those traces.
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Recommended Action
  1. Go to CLI
  2. Type the CLI command 'show media streams count 5 sleep 5 trace', which captures media streams.
  3. These can be viewed using:"file view activelog /platform/log/mediainfo.txt"
  4. Additional trace information may be viewed by using: "file view activelog /syslog/messages"
  5. or
  6. Get the Remote Access, type DriverMonitor -T0 (run the scenario, do ctrl+c to stop) and collect the DriverMap.txt from current directory.
  7. And get the /var/log/active/syslog/messages file

After the traces are turned on and the scenario is simulated, collect the DriverMap and messages logs.

Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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