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To troubleshoot Web Services, see the following sections:

Cisco Configuration Engine GUI Not Displaying

Problem: The Cisco Configuration Engine GUI is not displaying.

Solution: To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

1. Check whether the Cisco Configuration Engine service endpoint is up. Go to: http://<CE hostname>/cns/services/<services>. If the web page is displayed, the service is up.

2. If the web page is not displayed, check the httpd status (web server status).

3. If the httpd status is okay, deploy all or individual services.

  • Go to: cd $CISCO_CE_INSTALL_ROOT/CSCOcnsie/bin.
  • To deploy all services, enter the following command:
  • To deploy an individual service, enter the following command:

Undeploying Services

Problem: How do I undeploy services?

Solution: To undeploy services, follow these steps:

1. Go to: cd $CISCO_CE_INSTALL_ROOT/CSCOcnsie/bin.

2. To undeploy all services, enter the following command:


3. To undeploy an individual service, enter the following command:


Connection Timeout Error Message

Problem: When working with Cisco Networking Services (CNS) agents, you get a Connection Timeout error message.

Solution: To resolve this problem, do the following in any order:

  • Make sure that the CNS agent is enabled and is configured correctly:
 * CEConfigService requires CNS Config Agent
 * AcquireConfig() requires CNS Exec Agent
 * CEImageService requires CNS Image Agent
 * CEExecService requires CNS Exec Agent

Note: Do not use execImmediate() and execImmedWithConversation() to send 12.4 XML payloads to 12.3 agents.

  • Check the log files. The following log files are located in the /var/log/CNSCE/ directory:
 * websvc/websvc.log (web service general log)
 * cfgsrv/cfgsrv/log (config service log)
 * imgsrv/imgsrv.log (image service log)
 * cfgsrv/exec-srv.log (exec service log)
  • Monitor the Event Bus. Go to: cd $CISCO_CE_INSTALL_ROOT/CSCOcnsie/tools. Then enter the following command:
  ./cns-listen “cisco.>”

Monitor the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) XML payload. Go to: cd $CISCO_CE_INSTALL_ROOT/CSCOcnsie/tools and enter the following command:

  ./ssldump –d port 80
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