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Device status changes from green to red in a few minutes

Symptom :

After Cisco Configuration Engine setup, the device status changes from green to red in a few minutes. This problem occurs on the Solaris 10 platform, right after restarting the Cisco Configuration Engine services.

Possible Cause :

This problem could occur if the TibGate processes shut down a few minutes after starting.

Solution : 

To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

Step 1 To check whether the TibGate processes are running, enter one of the following commands:�/etc/init.d/EvtGateway status�/etc/init.d/EvtGatewayCrypto status Step 2 If the TibGate processes are not running, ask your System Administrator to disable NISPlus service. Step 3 If the device status is still red, see the "CNS-Enabled Device Unable to Connect with Cisco Configuration Engine" section for a possible solution.

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