Troubleshooting the Cisco Configuration Engine Services

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To troubleshoot Cisco Configuration Engine Services services, see the following sections:

Cisco Configuration Engine Not Working Properly

Problem: The Cisco Configuration Engine is not working properly.

Possible Cause: This can occur if any of the processes fails.

Solution: Use the Cisco Configuration Engine (CE) Monitor feature to check the status of the processes. The CE Monitor checks the status of a set of processes at a configured time interval and reports the status in the /var/log/CNSCE/ce_monitor/ce_monitor.log file. The CE Monitor exits if any of the processes fails.

To check the status of the processes, follow these steps:

1. Check the status of CE Monitor to determine whether the service is up or down:

  * For Linux, enter: /etc/rc.d/init.d/MonitorCE status
  * For Solaris, enter: /etc/init.d/MonitorCE status

2. Check the /var/log/CNSCE/ce_monitor/ce_monitor.log file to identify which process is down.

3. If a particular process is down, check the process to determine the problem.

XML Request Sent but No Response Received

Problem: An XML request was sent, but you did not get a response.

Solution: To resolve this problem, do the following in any order:

  • To monitor events on the bus, use the cns-listen utility.
  • For Intelligent Modular Gateway (IMGW) devices, do the following:
 * Set the IMGW logging level to verbose.
  • Check the following log files under the /var/log/CNSCE/imgw directory:
 IMGW-LOG-<hostname> (log file for the IMGW runtime)
 IMGW-DEVMOD-LOG (log file for debugging the IMGW script)
  • For agent-enabled devices, configure cns debug on the router.

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