Troubleshooting an Image Update

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To troubleshoot an image update, see the following sections:

Information About Log Files

The Log4j file is used as the logging facility for the Cisco Configuration Engine server and the image server. The property file is located at: <INSTALL_DIR>/CSCOcfgs/conf/ You can control the logging behavior by editing the configuration file. This file is located at:

  cd $CISCO_CE_INSTALL_ROOT/CSCOcnsie/conf. 

The default level for logging is set to Debug. Accepted values are Debug, Info, Warn, Error, and Fatal.

  • /var/log/CNSCE/imgsrv/imgsrv.log—Contains log messages from the server concerning the actions that you have performed that pertain to images, such as creating, updating, or deleting images. This log file also contains detailed message exchanges between the image server and devices during image distribution and activation.
  • /var/log/httpd/*.log, /var/log/CNSCE/tomcat/*.out, *.txt, *.log—Contains log messages related to the status of the web server
  • /var/log/CNSCE/websvc—Contains log messages related to the web service APIs
  • /var/log/CNSCE/imgw/*—Contains log messages related to the IMGW

Cannot Activate Image

Problem: You are trying to activate an image but cannot activate it.

Possible Cause: This problem can occur if the activation template does not contain the correct configuration. If the activation radio button is not checked when you associate the image with the device.

Solution: To resolve this problem, make sure that the configuration is correct. Then try again to activate the image. Make sure the box is checked when associating the image with the device.

Activation Failed Due to Device Error

Problem: Activation failed due to a device error. The device does not load the specified image.

Solution: To resolve this problem, make sure that the image information matches the image that you have downloaded.

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