Troubleshooting Tips for Unified CCX 8.0

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The following tips were added by Cisco Documentation:



Backup and Restore

Windows to Linux Upgrade

Linux to Linux Upgrade

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Telephony Subsystem

First few things to check


Telephony Subsystem Out Of Service or Partial Service Issues

Callflow guides

Identifying Issues in Call Flow

Other tips

Cisco Unified CCX Media subsystem


General Media Issue

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Automated Attendant

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

Cisco Unified IPIVR/ICM

First few things to check

  • Verify whether the license uploaded on the system is for IVR.

  • After the above mentioned logs are enabled, search the MIVR logs for any Exceptions- "exception" or errors. The following exceptions seen in MIVR logs can be ignored as they are benign in nature:
    435718: Mar 10 08:14:17.430 GMT %MIVR-LIB_EVENT-3-DISPATCH_FAILURE:A failure occured while dispatching an event:$CallListenerAdapter@118cef5,Exception=
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: already cleared
    435719: Mar 10 08:14:17.430 GMT %MIVR-LIB_EVENT-3-EXCEPTION:java.lang.IllegalStateException: already cleared

"ICM subsystem in IVR receives call control events such as call cleared, call transferred etc from ICM as well as JTAPI (call manager). Hence, in some cases, this results in race conditions where ICM susbsystem processes the event coming from JTAPI and immediately receives another event for the same call control operation from ICM. In such cases, the second request fails because the event is already processed by IVR and hence we see DISPATCH_FAILURE exceptions in the logs, which are purely benign.

In normal scenarios, ICM susbsystem(in IVR) notifies the ICM that the call is cleared as soon as it processes the event from JTAPI, in which case ICM does not send another call cleared request to IVR. However, in some cases it may so happen that ICM and JTAPI send this event almost at the same time due to which we see DISPATCH_FAILURE exceptions in the logs as explained above. These exceptions can be ignored as they do not result in any failures in the system."

Based on the exceptions, Isolate the issues into the following -

JTAPI issues

Many a times, calls fail in IVR/ICM due to telephony/JTAPI issues. Refer to the #Cisco Unified Communications Manager Telephony Subsystem and check whether the calls are failing at JTAPI level due to which ICM subsystem is unable to process calls in IPIVR.

ICM Subsystem Out Of Service or Partial Service Issues/Communication issues between IVR and PG

Call Flow Issues

Set up Issues

Other Tips

Cisco Unified CCX Administration

Cisco Unified CCX Database



Cisco Unified CCX Editor

Cisco Unified CCX Engine

Cisco Unified CCX ICD

Required Tracing

RmCm is OOS OR in Partial Service

RmCm Configurations issues

Agent Issues

Call Issues

Scripting Issue

Unsupported scenarios

Call Flow Guides

Cisco Unified CCX Real-Time Reporting

Cisco Unified CCX Historical Reporting

Automatic Speech Recognition


General ASR Issues




General TTS Issues


Serviceability (Analysis Manager)

Cisco Unified CCX Internationalization



General VXML Issues

High Availability and Cluster setup

High Availability and Failover

VoIP Monitor


Cisco Unified CCX CLI

Cisco Unified CCX Security

Cisco Unified CCX IP Address/Hostname change

Cisco Unified CCX Wallboard Configuration

Cisco Unified CCX Licensing

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