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This article helps you to identify and remedy common problems that may arise as you run the Mediator and Mediator Manager.

Q) What are the tools recommended for tethereal network capture?
A) You can use Wireshark. This is a network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows.

Q) What are the auxillary tools required to troubleshoot Mediator?
A) You need to use the following tools:

  • WinSCP
  • Putty
  • HyperTerminal

Q) What does the LED status of the Mediator indicate?
A) The running status of the Mediator is described in the table below:

LED Code Status Description
None Power off
The Mediator is not powered up.
The Mediator is initializing.
The Mediator is rebooting
One long flash followed by a pause Idle The Mediator is booted up and running, but the Framework is not running.
Two short flashes followed by a pause Installing The Framework is starting for the first time and is installing itself.
Three long flashes followed by a pause Running The Framework is running normally.
Four short flashes followed by a pause Error The Framework is running, but errors are present. Check the Message Log for details.

Three short flashes, followed by three long flashes, followed by three short flashes, followed by a pause

Emergency The Framework has stopped running for at least two minutes.

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