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(Obtaining Detailed Debugging Information)
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To troubleshoot IMGW, see the following section:

Obtaining Detailed Debugging Information

Problem: How do I obtain the debugging information?

Solution: To obtain the detailed debugging information, you must configure the log files for IMGW. To configure the log files for IMGW, follow these steps:

1. Configure the logging level for the IMGW daemon. During the Cisco Configuration Engine set up program, configure the IMGW parameters to one of the listed values. Logging levels are Verbose, Error, and Silent.

2. To configure the logging level for the IMGW servlet, edit the following two lines in the $CISCO_CE_INSTALL_ROOT/CSCOimgw/conf/ file:

  • IMGW_LOGFILE /var/log/CNSCE/IMGW/imgwservlet.log
  (/* location of IMGW servlet log file */)
 (/* debug level - ERROR or DEBUG */)
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