Troubleshooting CUAE: Uninstallation/ Reinstallation

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How to uninstall CUAE?

How do I uninstall CUAE?


To simply remove the Development tools, Media Engine, Platform services and Application server, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs , and remove the services in the following order:

  • Development Tools
  • Media Engine
  • Application Services
  • Platform Services

If you are looking to uninstall CUAE (including the core addendum) completely, we currently do not have a clean/straightforward way to do this, and recommend re-imaging your server as the easy way out. We are, however, working on streamlining this process for our future releases.

If you’d like to go ahead with uninstalling CUAE without re-imaging your server, follow the steps below:

  • To uninstall CUAE, the order followed is Uninstall Development Tools>Uninstall Media Engine> Uninstall Application Server > Uninstall Platform Services . You can do this from Start> Settings> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs .
  • You can then remove individual third party softwares installed by the CUAE core addendum installer. You can do this from Start> Settings> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs .
  • Please note that uninstalling CUAE does NOT remove database entries, registry entries, etc
  • The folder structure ( Program Files > Cisco Systems ) still remains

Note Note: The first time you install CUAE on a machine, it installs the database and drops a breadcrumb in the windows registry to indicate that the database has been installed. It does this so that when you do upgrades, it uses the breadcrumb to determine that the database is not to be reinitialized. When you uninstall the CUAE, or even MySQL itself, the database files are normally left intact, thereby preserving all of your old CUAE data.

  • If you look at regedit, you will see a registry entry for CUAE

The following steps must be carried out to clean the system:

    1. Drop databases mce
    2. Drop databases mce_standby
    3. Drop databases ciscodevicelistx
    4. Delete folder structure Cisco Systems
    5. Remove CUAE registry entry
    6. Restart System

Uninstall not working

The ‘Uninstall’ option in the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ window is not working.


  • Use Windows utility called Windows Installer Cleanup
  • This shows all the components in the Add/Remove Programs panel
  • Go to command prompt. For every program <insert name here>, execute sc stop <insert name here> / sc delete <insert name here> from the command prompt.

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