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== Transaction Manager cannot start ==
== Transaction Manager cannot start ==

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Transaction Manager cannot start

Problem Summary Cisco Unified CCX cannot be started since the Transaction Manager failed to start.
Error Message The "BOOTSTRAP_START_ERROR" and "transaction manager is not started" error messages are in the same log statement.
Possible Cause The third-party Transaction Manager (Mahalo) log in wfavvid\TxnMgrPersistence\ may be corrupted.
Recommended Action

Manually clean TxnMgrPersistence? directory.

  1. Shut down the Node Manager.
  2. Copy everything in the wfavvid\TxnMgrPersistence\ directory to a backup directory. Then delete all the files in the wfavvid\TxnMgrPersistence\ directory.
  3. Restart the Node Manager.
Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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