Tools Available for Troubleshooting Console Issues

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Clear Browser and Java Cache

Start by clearing the temporary internet files from the agent's browser and Java, and verify if there is a proxy server configured for the browser.

  1. Clear the IE browser cache: Control Panel -> Internet Options -> General tab -> Browsing history -> Delete -> Delete All
  2. Clear the Java cache: Control Panel -> Java -> General tab -> Settings -> Delete Files
  3. Check if IE is using a Proxy server: Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections tab -> LAN Settings -> Proxy server. If the 'Use a proxy server for your LAN' option is enabled, please disable it temporarily as a test.

Enable Browser Debugging

Turn on Java script error notifications in the agent's browser.

  1. Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab
  2. Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) = Not checked
  3. Disable script debugging (Other) = Not checked
  4. Display a notification about every script error = Checked


Enable Java Debug Tracing

Enable debug tracing in the Java Console.

  1. Right-click the Java icon in the system tray and choose Java Console. This will open the Java Console window.
  2. Click the Clear button in the Java Console window and you will be presented with the following menu:
  3. Press '5' to set the trace level to Debug. The debug data in Java will be printed in this window.

Enable debugging in the Java Control Panel.

  1. Right-click the Java icon in the system tray and choose Open Control Panel. Select the Advanced tab.
  2. Enable tracing = Checked
  3. Enable logging = Checked
  4. Show applet lifecycle exceptions = Checked


Install HttpWatch

Download and install the HttpWatch utility on the agent's browser. This will add a new toolbar in IE. After logging into the Agent Console start the HttpWatch capture. This is an HTTP-specific packet capture utility, and we can use it to analyze the data being sent between the Agent Console and CIM Application Server.

Enable CIM UI Debugger

Launch the UI Debugger on the Agent Console (ctrl-shift-w), choose the option 'Launch Global Debugger' and click 'Run'. Then choose the option 'Trace On' and click 'Run' to start the trace capture.


Enable CIM Process Debugging

Enable debug tracing on the CIM server.

  1. Log into the CIM System Partition with the 'sa' user credentials.
  2. Open the System Console and navigate to Shared Resources > Logger > Processes > "_ServerName\:ApplicationServer"
  3. Change the "Maximum trace level" to "7 - Debug" and set the Extensive Logging Duration. Click Save.

Bring It All Together

  1. Save the HttpWatch logs to a file
  2. Copy the UI Debugger trace to a text file
  3. Copy the Java Console trace to a text file
  4. Capture a screenshot of the error/failure on the Agent Console
  5. Capture a screenshot of the detailed error info displayed if any additional Java script errors are observed

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