The page from where Memory and Thread Dump can be collected is blank

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The page in Appadmin from where Memory and Thread Dump can be collected is blank

Problem Summary The page in Appadmin where trace file list is displayed as well as we can collect Memory and Thread Dump is blank.
Error Message A blank page is displayed
Possible Cause This is due to remote exceptions while trying to read th elog file list from the UCCX server
Recommended Action
Login into appadmin and generate thread and/or memory dumps by using the URLs mentioned below
For Thread Dumps:

http://<uccx-ip>/appadmin/Control?request_type=controlcenter.dumpThreads&nodeid=1&servicename=CRS Cluster View Daemon

http://<uccx-ip>/appadmin/Control?request_type=controlcenter.dumpThreads&nodeid=1&servicename=CRS Administration

http://<uccx-ip>/appadmin/Control?request_type=controlcenter.dumpThreads&nodeid=1&servicename=CRS Engine

For Memory Dumps:

http://<uccx-ip>/appadmin/Control?request_type=controlcenter.dumpMemory&nodeid=1&servicename=CRS Cluster View Daemon

http://<uccx-ip>/appadmin/Control?request_type=controlcenter.dumpMemory&nodeid=1&servicename=CRS Administration

http://<uccx-ip>/appadmin/Control?request_type=controlcenter.dumpMemory&nodeid=1&servicename=CRS Engine

Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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