The agent is unable to log in to Agent Desktop

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The agent is unable to log in to Agent Desktop

Problem Summary An agent receives an error message when trying to log into Agent Desktop.
Error Message Possible error messages include:
  • Failed to log into CTI Manager Server! Please talk to your administrator.
  • The ID you entered was not found.
  • Unable to log agent in.
  • A critical error has been received. Either your phone or Unified CM is offline. If you are not already logged out, you may need to log out and try to log in again.
Possible Cause Depending on the error message, the cause could be one of the following:
  • If the error message involves the CTI Manager server, the problem might be that the Enable CTI Application Use is not configured for the agent user ID; the CTIManager service is not running on the Unified CM server; or the agent is using an invalid password.
  • If the ID the agent entered was not found, the ID could be invalid.
  • If the agent cannot log in, the agent’s phone might not be associated with the RmCm provider in Unified CM.
  • If the agent receives a critical error message, the Unified CM server might be offline or the agent’s IP phone has reset.
Recommended Action Correct the problem related to the error message:
  • If the message relates to the CTI Manager server, make sure that the CTIManager service is running on the Unified CM server.
  • If the ID was not found, make sure that the agent is typing the user ID correctly. User IDs are case sensitive. Verify that the password used is the password configured for the agent in Unified CM.
  • If the agent’s phone is not associated with the RmCm provider, access the Unified CM Administration application. Choose User Management > Application User, then select the RmCm provider. In the Device Information section on the Application User Configuration page, associate the agent’s IP phone with the RmCm provider.
  • If the agent received a critical error message, make sure htat the Unified CM server is online, and verify that the agent’s phone is in service.
  • Restart the Cisco Desktop Sync Service.
Release CAD Unified CCX 8.5
Associated CDETS # None.

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