The Web Setup Login Page doesn't display.

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The Web Setup Login Page doesn't display.

Problem Summary When accessing the Web Setup URL, the login page doesn't display (a blank page displays) or pages don't load correctly.
Error Message N/A
Possible Cause Supporting services are not running. Or you haven't run the SSL Encryption Utility. Our you are running IE6 with TLS 1.0 disabled. Or Javascript is not enabled in your browser.
Recommended Action

Check, via the Windows Services dialog, that the Apache Tomcat service, IIS Admin Service, and World Wide Web (WWW) Publishing service are running. If they are not, make sure they are all set to "Automatic" Startup Type and start them.

If you installed IIS after installing ICM/CCE/CCH, you must reboot and then run the SSL Encryption Utility to set up the certificate and SSL properly within IIS/Tomcat.

If you are running IE6 (which is not a supported browser version in 8.0(1)) and TLS 1.0 is turned OFF in the browser settings, in IE, under Tools > Internet Options > Advanced, select the Use TLS 1.0 checkbox. The Login page will then display, with an error that IE6 is not a supported browser.

Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser - enable it if it is not enabled. To enable JavaScript on IE8/IE7:
Tools -> Internet Options. On the Security tab:
Custom level... -> Scripting -> Active Scripting -> Enable [OR]
Default level -> OK

Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # N/A

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