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Router/Logger Example 1 Configuration seems to be incorrect, please see below:

1) A typical UCM subscriber will support at most 500 agents. A UCM cluster has a historical maximum of 2,000 agents. There should be four, rather than two UCM clusters in the UCS Design.

2) A CVP Call Server (in this case Call + VXML) will support 900 calls, where calls are defined as (self service + queue + connected to agents). The server count is then calls / 900, rounded up. With 8,000 agents and 3,600 CVP ports, calls is equal to 8,000 + 3,600 = 11,600. 11,600 / 900 = 12.88888; rounded up to 13. For a geographically split core with N+N redundancy, 13 CVP Call + VXML virtual servers are required at each core. Only 4 per core are reflected in the example.

3) It seems another VRU PG pair is warranted, given the logic of #2, above.

4) Is it a valid design to have SIP dialers on four Agent PG pairs? Would it be better to put the SIP dialer alone on a VM or more than one VM?

5) Is one CVP Report Server per every four CVP Call + VXML servers really enough?

Respectfully, Dan Eccher ShoreGroup, Inc.

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