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Combining licenses should be mentioned as a requirement as follows:

VMware requires you to combine the licenses for multiple processors. Refer to the licensing procedures for your VMware software at before you install VMware.

Thanks for this information. James Arias is looking into this process and we will provide this information once he gives us the go-ahead. -- Chittal

Chittal, per CSCtn57423 this is a known and confirmed customer affecting issue. UCS and CUCM docs discussing ESX install already have or are working on an appropriate fix. I suggest you contact Mary Newell (marynewe) to see exactly what she's doing and match that. --James B.

From Janet Byron 4/19/11: On VMware Feature Support for Contact Center 8.0(2) through 8.5(1), please change From "No" to "C" under Unified CCE and Unfied IC row "VMware Boot From SAN".

For Jessie Cu 5/08/2011: As per CSCti75004 and Need to add mention regarding disabling LRO for Linux based Unified Communications Systems.


Contact Center Applications support for ESXi 4.0 Update 3

There are issues around monitoring ESXi 4.0 / 4.0 Update 1 that are addressed in 4.0 Update 3. This page indicates "Maintenance and patch versions and updates on a major release (such as 4.0 Update 1 or "4.0U1") are supported at the time of release from VMware." which indicates Update 3 should be supported. At the same time "Supported versions of VMware ESXi are listed below. Unlisted versions are not supported for Cisco Unified Communications until explicitly indicated on this site." may conflict depending on how it is interpreted. Is "Supported versions of VMware ESXi are listed below." limited to major versions, 4.0/4.1/etc, or does that include maintenance and patch versions as well? It's a significant difference as Contact Center Applications only list support for 4.0 and 4.0 Update 1 in the "ESXi Support for Contact Center Applications" section.

Update: The UCCE page ( indicates the following: "The following software requirements apply specifically to Unified Contact Center Enterprise: VMWare ESXi 4.0 or 4.1, minimum version 4.0U1. Versions of ESXi prior to 4.0U1 and all versions of ESX are unsupported." Stating minimum would appear to indicate that ESXi 4.0 U3 would be supported.

Contact Center Applications support for ESXi 4.1

This page indicates CCE is not supported on ESXi 4.1 while the CCE page provides details related to using CCE on ESXi 4.1.

Incorrect VMware Products and Companion Names

VMware DRS should be listed as "Distributed Resource Scheduler," not dynamic. VMware DPM should be listed as "Distributed Power Management," not dynamic.

Similarly, any third-party products (primarily in the system backup sections) listed as being from Viziocore should be corrected to Vizioncore. Please note that Vizioncore is now part of Quest Software, so the reference may need to be removed entirely.

UC Management Suite (OM, SM, SSM, PM) has outdated vSphere requirements

UC Management Suite (OM, SM, SSM, PM) as of 8.7 supports vSphere 5 as per the Install guide. Please correct table in this document.

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