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Hi legends,

I hope you are very well. I am very thankful to you that you give me a lot of help. Thanks again. I have a little issue and question for you with the AA script.

Our system is : UC540W 8.1 and CUE 8.0.3. Our call flow is:

I have created the script by using the web GUI and downloaded the script and edited it by using CUE Editor. I just want to get rid of "ARE YOU STILL THERE?" and divert the call to reception unless the callers press anything.

Call flow shown as below:

Incoming call – AA – PLAYING a prompt message – dial by extension or select 1 to reception

The issue is we hear the system default prompt message like “ Are you still there? “ twice unless the caller select anything or press anything and then the system will hang up. So I edited the AA to put “call redirect to reception” but I couldn’t remove the system message “Are you still there?”.

Could you please let me know how I can remove the system default prompt message “Are you still there?” even though the caller doesn’t press anything ?

I will be very appreciated to you.


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