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With regard to MeetingPlace, Release 7.0.2 - Video Endpoint Compatibility for Tandberg.

I just want to be sure that 'Dial Out - No Video' is not as alarming as it sounds.

As I understand it scheduled meetings will get video okay using 'Direct to Meeting' and ad hoc can be initiated from the Tandberg end.

'Dial out' is where a conference is in session and someone tries to bring in another attendee from the MP Browser or a Handset.

Manufacturer/Brand - Tandberg

Model/Series - MXP Series except 150 MXP

Protocol - H.323

Dial In - OK - The terminal was able to enter a meeting using video dialing in to MeetingPlace

Dial Out - No video - Tested dialing out from MeetingPlace by using a web browser command or by using the Telephone User Interface (TUI) command #31.

Direct to Meeting - OK - Tested dialing out from MeetingPlace using the scheduled "direct to meeting" mode. The process was to configure a video terminal profile for outdial to terminal, tell the video terminal to skip the meeting entry prompts on outdial, and then invite the terminal to the meeting.

4CIF - Yes - Tested whether the terminal worked when tested with 4CIF using H.263.

Version Tested - F7

Notes - Tested 1500, 6000, 95, 3000, 1700, 990.

Pete Cowen - Carillion IT Services - 10th April 2009

Cisco Response: That is correct, the Tandberg endpoints don't provide mid-call video escalation when initiated from within a MeetingPlace Meeting via a web "Connect" or TUI feature. They are able to dial into a meeting directly from the endpoint into the MeetingPlace dialin number and enter the meeting ID, then video will work or if you configure all the Tandbergs as a "Terminal" with automatic outdial at the time of the meeting (called Direct Outdial in this chart)that will work.

Bobbie Martin, Technical Marketing Engineering UCBU

Response from Stuart Taylor, Cisco:

“Dial out” refers mainly to two cases:

Using #31 to dial out to a user and bring him in (screened out-dial). Using the MeetingPlace Web or Breeze or WebEx to dial out to yourself when joining a meeting.

In those situations the Tandberg MXP terminals will not negotiate video.

The problem is Tandberg MXP terminals will not escalate from audio-only to audio-video on incoming calls, only outgoing calls. You can observe this independent of MeetingPlace by dialing the terminal from a 7960 phone and then activating CUVA. Or by calling it with a 7960 and then transferring the 7960 to a 7985. You will see different behavior depending on whether the Tandberg originated or received the call.

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