Support Tools Troubleshooting: Error When Selecting Host

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Error When Selecting Host

Problem Summary Error returned when attempting to select a specific host as the current system.
Error Message Multiple.
Possible Cause Possible Causes:
  • The machine, or LAN connection to that machine, is down
  • Machine is identified incorrectly in Support Tools System List
  • Support Tools Node not installed on that machine
  • Support Tools Node Agent Service stopped on that machine

Recommended Action Possible Workarounds:
  1. Confirm that the machine is running and that LAN connectivity is available.
  2. Confirm that the computer name for that machine as defined in the Support Tools SystemList (displayed on the Dashboard's System Management screen) is correct.
  3. Confirm with your administrator that the Support Tools Node is installed on that machine.
  4. Confirm with your administrator that the Support Tools Node Agent Service is started onthat machine.
Release Release 7.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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