Staging Delpoyment Problems: Domain Controller not supported

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Domain Controller not supported

Problem Summary Unable to collocate the Domain Controller and ICM 7.0(0).
Error Message None
Possible Cause Collocating ICM 8.0, or later, on a Domain Controller is not supported.
Recommended Action The Domain Controller must be on a dedicated server with no additional applications collocated on it.

Reasons to isolate the Domain Controller function include:

  1. Security
    This is the most important reason. Running SQL Server on a Domain Controller puts the entire Active Directory infrastructure at risk, thus placing the entire deployment at risk. Microsoft, as well as others in the industry, strongly recommend against installing SQL Server on a Domain Controller. Most require isolation of services as a method of secure server deployments.
  2. Performance
    While negligible for small deployments with few servers, the demands placed on the Domain Controller when the number of domain member services and users grows, can have a negative impact on the core functions of these systems.
  3. Automated Security Hardening is not applied to a server that is found to be a Domain Controller.

Release Release 7.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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