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Conference member’s data shows as “unavailable”Conferenced call gets dropped after agent drops out of a conference callConfigManager tool or Conapi application: crash and unexpected memory leak
Config datastore activation The operation could not be performed because the OLE DB provider 'SQLOLEDB' was unable to begin a distributed transactionConfiguirng NAM and 6500
Configuration: Adding a large number of Incoming Call Configurations causes timeouts, though the configurations succeed eventually.Configuration: Adding too many Incoming Call Configurations causes timeouts.Configuration: Call between two RT phones is not recorded
Configuration: Call not recorded because UCM disconnected itConfiguration: Calls using g.722 codec are not recordedConfiguration: Configuration and Recording meta data is not synchronized between Primary and Secondary Servers
Configuration: Configuration data is not synchronized between Primary and Secondary ServersConfiguration: Configuring IIS FailedConfiguration: Configuring the CUIC Scheduler Service Failed
Configuration: Conversation after a transfer is not recorded on RT-Lite phonesConfiguration: Creating CUIC Database FailedConfiguration: Error when configuring AXL service provider on MediaSense
Configuration: Failure to playback audio or video when using RT video phoneConfiguration: MCP application does not record even if recording is enabledConfiguration: MediaSense application does not record even if recording is enabled
Configuration: Modifying Script does not change CMT Dialog GroupConfiguration: Port 80 ErrorConfiguration: Recording meta data is not synchronized between Primary and Secondary Servers
Configuration: Server Not Responding to Ping CommandConfiguration: Setting Folder Permissions FailedConfiguration: Setting Up Permissions for CUIS SQL Server Login Failed
Configuration: Starting SNMP on MediaSense causes the Host Resource Agent to hang in starting stateConfiguration: System inventory not displaying two entries for each VVB configured in the systemConfiguration: Trigger not getting deleted
Configuration: VM installed with custom settings or OVAConfiguration Command DifferencesConfiguration Example Template 1
Configuration Example Template 2Configuration Example Template 3Configuration Example Template 4
Configuration Example Template 5Configuration Example Template 6Configuration Example Template 7
Configuration Example Template 8Configuration ExamplesConfiguration and Troubleshooting Guide for Cisco EnergyWise Power Save Plus Feature on IP Phones
Configuration for Fax Pass throughConfiguration issuesConfigure Devices for Prime Collaboration Assurance
Configuring CMB Parameters for the Listener InstanceConfiguring Cisco IOS Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)Configuring Fax Detection (Single-Number Voice and Fax) with Cisco Unity Connection
Configuring RTMT Trace SettingsConfiguring Standalone CUIC in UCCX fails with DB down errorConfiguring Standalone CUIC in UCCX fails with authentication error
Configuring Standalone CUIC in UCCX fails with invalid FQDN/network errorConfiguring Standalone CUIC in UCCX fails with invalid datasource errorConfiguring the Federation Proxy on Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance using the Unified Communication Wizard
Conflicts in Datastore Control Center historyConsult call fails with RESOURCE BUSYContact Center Networking: Offload, RSS & Chimney
Contact Center Networking: Offload, Receive Side Scaling and ChimneyContact Center Networking: Voice Gateway cannot connect to Unified CM server
Contact Injection Fails: How to Validate if SocialMiner is Fully OperationalContact entry is stuck in real-time reporting
Contacts are not dialed out when outbound failover occursContent Services Switch: Content Services Switch Shows Call Server Out of Service but IVR Service Is upContext Service
Context Service: Deregistration FailsContext Service: On-boarding FailureContext Service: POD Operations Failure in Debug Mode
Context Service: Pod OperationContext Service: Recover from Bad Context Service SDK DownloadContext Service: Registration Fails
Context Service: SocialMiner Cannot Be ReachedContext Service: Viewing CS account POD Statistics on OAMPContext Service Registration (or) STEPS are failing (Max retries error)
Context Service Registration (or) STEPS are failing (Timeout Error)Context Service Registration or STEPS are failing (Timeout Error)Context Service STEPS are failing
Context Service STEPS are failing immediately after Registration is successfulContext Service STEPS are successful, but Agent/Supervisor does not see the existing Customers or existing POD infoContext Service STEPS failing with ArrayIndexOutOfBound Exception
Context Service STEPS failing with field Error messageContext Service STEPS failing with fieldset Error messageContext Service STEPS failing with the ArrayIndexOutOfBound Exception
Context Service STEPS failing with the field Error messageContext Service STEPS failing with the fieldset Error messageContext Service STEPS started failing, which was working earlier
Control prosody rate in PlayPrompt TTS blockConvergedAccessCopyright Icon Displayed Incorrectly in the Unified CCX Help Pages
Core File AnalysisCorporate Directory Integration with Cisco Unified Communications ManagerCould not find the Engine/DB master node during backup using PUT
Could not meet post conditions of call.transferCourtesy Callback: Caller does not receive a call back , if the caller disconnects before the Unified CVP system plays the default Good Bye message.Courtesy Callback: Courtesy Callback is not offered, when the caller disconnects before the Unified CVP system plays the default Good bye message
Courtesy callback is not offered, when EWT in the ICM is set more than 30 minutesCourtesy callback is not offered, when EWT in the ICM is set more than 30 minutes.Crash Kernel- Kexec
CreatePOD is successful, but pod data not displayed in GadgetCreate Contact Center Troubleshooting TipsCreate Network Topology Diagram
Create PDF for Troubleshooting Tips of Getting Started GuideCreate PDF for Unified CVP 7.0(2)Create PDF for Unified CVP 8.0
Create PDF for Unified CVP 8.5Create PDF for Unified CVP 8.xCreate PDF for Unified CVP 9.0(1)
Create PDF for Unified CVP Troubleshooting TipsCreate Troubleshooting TipsCreatingAVLANnetwork
Creating FACT Configuration FilesCreation of Outbound trigger DN on UCCX failsCritical error.wav: I'm sorry, we are currently experiencing system problems and are unable to process your call. Please try again later.
Cucm-phone-locale-installersCurvature for OpenStackCustom Reply Template
Customer Emails Not Being RetrievedCustomer Form Submission Takes an Unreasonably Long Time or Request Times OutCustomer Voice Portal
Customer Website not Able to Inject ContactCustomer abandoned call is not marked as customer abandoned although it got disconnected within the abandoned call wait time limit
Customer disconnected a call without picking it up. This call was marked as no answer instead of busyCustomer does not receive a callbackDBAccessor errors while CVD start up
DB LookupDB Purge not reclaiming DB Space for db craDB Write is failing with Exception: java.sql.SQLException: No row count was produced ExecuteUpdate Error Occurred
DB config objects not showing in CETDDR and PPP callback over PRI Configuration exampleDECnet
DRF: In the Backup Device page add-new button is grayed outDTMF: DTMF non recognizationDWDM NCS 2000 Series
Dashboards: Creating URL Items with Invalid URLsData-Link SwitchingData Center Multi-Layer VPC Design Aggregation Layer Failure Scenarios (LACP) Configuration Example: Part I
Data Center Switch Deployed as an Aggregation for Multiple Switches Configuration ExampleData Check Shows Mismatch for Route Partition also, When CTI Line(s) are Deleted in Cisco Unified CM
Data Distribution in the CCX DatabaseData Resync Result Page Displays Mismatch Detected Message for Attributes Even Though Inconsistencies are Corrected
Data Resync Result Page Still Shows Red X Eventhough All Inconsistencies are Corrected
Data Server Operational Status Rule Error for Logger Replication ProcessData Sources: Causes of database connection failureData is reset in the Live Data reports
Data mismatch between Historical Report and Real-time Report for callbacksData mismatch between Outbound Offered and Outbound Accepted fields in the Resource Stats Real-Time ReportData mismatch between contacts and calls for retries in the Historical Report
Data mismatch between the Historical Report and the Real-Time ReportData mismtach between Outbound Offered and Outbound Accepted fields in the Resource Stats Real-Time Report
Database: Database no longer accepts dataDatabase: Database not updated after event forwardingDatabase: Executing the “show db synchronization status” command on the primary ORA DB server, does not show any information
Database Connection Error 5051 while Starting the Reporting ClientDatabase Server issues
Database Subsystem fails to connect to MS SQL serverDatabase Subsystem goes into partial serviceDatabase manager is not IN SERVICE during restore on Unified CCX 8.0(1)
Database manager is not IN SERVICE on Unified CCX 8.0(1)Database size is not supported during backup using PUTDatabase table fields used by wallboard store data in milliseconds
Datastore component activations fails when trying to activate node2 componentsDebug JSPsDebugging issues
Default Value and Value Range DifferencesDelay in sessionEvent notificationsDelays in Email Delivery to Agents
Delete this pageDeletedDeleting license from IPS
Deletion of Node 2 JTAPI user from CUCM fails during restoreDeploying Availabilty and IM FunctionalityDeployment Scenarios for Cisco MediaSense
Deployment Type Validation Fails on UCS C240 M3SDeployment Type Validation Fails when Data Center Name Contains SpacesDesign and Deployment Considerations
Design and Implementation ChecklistDesktop: Adding another party to a conference results in an errorDesktop: Agent Password Required for Sign In
Desktop: Agent Signs In with Multiple Browser SessionsDesktop: Agent State ChangesDesktop: Agent State Spontaneous Change to Not Ready
Desktop: Agent cannot change state to Not Ready with reason code or Sign Out with reason code if reason codes are configuredDesktop: Agent cannot receive a second call while on an active callDesktop: Agent cannot sign in
Desktop: Agent cannot sign in after password changeDesktop: Agent cannot sign in when the URL uses an IPv6 addressDesktop: Agent is automatically signed out after 30 minutes of inactivity
Desktop: Agent is not signed in automatically after failoverDesktop: Agent is signed out from Finesse but not from CTIDesktop: Agent or supervisor receives operation timed out error
Desktop: Agent receives Notification Service error while attempting to sign inDesktop: Agent receives an error while trying to make a consult callDesktop: Agent remains signed in to CTI after the Finesse Desktop closes
Desktop: Agent sign in fails after installationDesktop: Agent signs in but credentials for a different agent appear on the desktopDesktop: Agent state change from NotReady to NotReady with Reasoncode resets time in state field in Team Performance gadget
Desktop: Agent whose ID matches username of new agent cannot change state or perform call controlDesktop: Agent whose agent ID matches the username of another agent cannot sign inDesktop: Agent with special characters in ID cannot sign in
Desktop: Agents and supervisors with IDs that match reserved words cannot sign inDesktop: Agents experience problems signing in or desktop is slow to respondDesktop: Agents lose connection to the Finesse server due to script characters that are not valid XML 1.0
Desktop: Agents with blank passwords cannot sign in to FinesseDesktop: Button Behavior is Incorrect or Generates ErrorsDesktop: Callback button and outbound call variables do not appear for an outbound call
Desktop: Cannot accept Live Data certificatesDesktop: Cannot accept security certificatesDesktop: Cannot determine if DTMF is sent successfully
Desktop: Cannot see skill group statistics for agents in various statesDesktop: Cannot sign in with agent ID longer than 11 charactersDesktop: Cannot use third-party recorders with Silent Monitoring
Desktop: Certificate error when signing in to Finesse Desktop or AdministrationDesktop: Client's system clock should be synchronized to the Finesse server system clock.Desktop: Client cannot resolve FQDN of Finesse server
Desktop: Conference Participants List Does Not Show All PartiesDesktop: Conferencing another party on the desktop shows CTI errorDesktop: Default Timeout
Desktop: Desktop Does Not Recognize Calls Active during Sign In or Browser RefreshDesktop: Desktop Tools are Unresponsive or DisabledDesktop: Desktop does not show all parties in a conference call
Desktop: Desktop shows two-party call when agent signs in while on a conferenceDesktop: Error when trying to add Finesse to compatibility settings in IE11Desktop: Finesse clients cannot connect to the Finesse server
Desktop: Finesse desktop does not load after Firefox is upgraded in a XenApp desktop deploymentDesktop: Finesse desktop takes a long time to fail over to the alternate server in a XenApp desktop deploymentDesktop: Finesse does not display call information for secondary line
Desktop: Finesse sign-in page does not appear correctly in Internet ExplorerDesktop: Finesse warns about Compatibility View after an upgradeDesktop: Finesse warns about Compatibility View but no icon appears in the address bar
Desktop: Firefox browser window is not brought forward when a new call arrivesDesktop: Gadget preferences do not persist after browser restartDesktop: Gadgets in the desktop application that require compatibility mode to be turned on, do not render
Desktop: Incomplete participant list after conference or transfer via route point when CVP is used for queuingDesktop: Issues with barge and drop participant when CVP is used for queuingDesktop: Issues with transfer and conference via route point when CVP is used for queuing
Desktop: Newly created agent cannot sign inDesktop: Offhook Behavior in Agent DesktopDesktop: Participant list shows Unknown on single-step transfer to CVP route point
Desktop: Personal callbacks lose time zone informationDesktop: Post upgrade, queue statistics gadget is not displayed on the Agent desktop or Supervisor desktopDesktop: Queue Statistics gadget shows incorrect information after failover
Desktop: Queue statistics were not updatedDesktop: Refresh is Not Supported on Agent DesktopDesktop: Reporting errors on the Finesse desktop
Desktop: Schedule callback does not work if call is transferred or conferencedDesktop: Second call causes extra call control buttons to appearDesktop: Security exception displayed twice when signing in to Finesse Desktop for first time using Firefox
Desktop: Sign-in with offline device causes errorDesktop: Sign in attempt results in invalid ID or password errorDesktop: Silent monitoring call is not displayed after failover
Desktop: Supervisor's list of queues did not get updatedDesktop: Supervisor barge in to conference call failsDesktop: Supervisor cannot barge in on a silent monitor call after a Finesse failover or restart
Desktop: Supervisor cannot barge in to silent monitor callDesktop: Supervisor cannot receive a call while silent monitoring an agentDesktop: Supervisor cannot view agent with special characters in ID
Desktop: SystemInfo GET API returns an empty value for the primary and secondary Finesse hostsDesktop: SystemInfo GET API returns an empty value for the secondary Finesse hostDesktop: Third-party gadgets that use HTTPS do not load after upgrade
Desktop: Unexpected failovers occurDesktop: User desktop does not appear to be receiving updates or notificationsDesktop: User interface does not appear correctly
Desktop Agent Config backup operation failed using PUTDesktop Error: Finesse is out of service. Please try again or contact the administrator.Desktop Error: Invalid Session. Your session has expired.
Desktop Errors: Call ControlDesktop Errors: Network ConnectionsDesktop Errors: Server Authentication Failure
Desktop Gadget Error: There were issues rendering this gadgetDesktop Toaster Notifications: Does not display toaster notification in case of incoming callDetermining if a PC can capture audio packets sent from an IP phone
Device Association Status for Call Control Groups/Triggers Shows User Does Not Exist in Data Resync Results
Dial-up TechnologyDial by name does not find the specified serverDialingList config object not available in CET
Dialog box does not appear as expected when report is exportedDigital Subscriber Line
Directory-Enabled Networking
Disable LRODisabling SSO mode failed for componentsDisabling SSO mode failed through CLI
Disaster RecoveryDiscrepancies of JAL ScenariosDiscrepancy between agent state detail and agent detail
Discrepancy in number of ACD calls shown on custom reportsDiscrepancy in reports when the call treatment is set as Abandoned Call TreatmentDiscrepancy in reports when the call treatment is set as Answering Machine Treatment
Discrepancy in the Real-Time Reports and Historical CCDR Report for Transfer to IVR optionDispatcher issuesDissolving NIC teaming
Divanicy1Documentations tipsDomain Drop-Down List Does Not Populate on Sign In Screen
Donabe for OpenStackDownloading OVA Templates for BE 6000 applicationsDownloading OVA Templates for UC Applications
During Backup, Restore, or Upgrade, an exception is seen in user interfaceDuring the backup process, the backup window is accidentally closed
E-Mail Ready and E-Mail Not Ready buttons are not available in the Cisco Agent Desktop toolbarE-mail notification of database purging activities is not sentEA-PIM Checklist
ECC Variables: Some ECC variables do not always appear in the Information gridsECC Variables: When entering ECC data the data does not make it into the callEIGRP Tasks
EIM-WIM Distributed Deployment BasicsEIM-WIM Process vs InstanceEIM-WIM Processes on each server
EIM/WIM 4.3(x) Troubleshooting TrainingEIM/WIM Login Page TroubleshootingEIM Analysis Check lists
EMAN TestEditor hanging issuesEducation Blueprint
Elastic Services Controller Registration and Deployment AttributesEmail Feed indicator on SocialMiner Configuration page turns orangeEmail Feed indicator on SocialMiner Configuration page turns red
Emails Going to TXT Files on File ServerEmails not coming into CCXEmails not presented to Agent
Emergency ResponderEnable Additional Logs in Browser Console for Cisco Identity Service Administration UIEnable Debug Logging
Enable ICM script monitoringEnable Trace Settings for issues related to Context ServiceEnable Traces for Outbound IVR
Enable ZBFWEnable trace settingsEnable trace settings for issues related to Context Service

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