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Assure ASR-TTS ports/resources are freed up after the application finishesAsynchronous Transfer Mode Switching
Attempt to log in to the Cisco Unified CCX Server from the Historical Reporting client fails and an error message is returnedAttempting to run a real-time report causes an errorAttempting to start the Cisco Unified CCX Node Manager service causes an error 1067
Attempting to start the Cisco Unified CCX Node Manager service causes an error 1069Attendant Consoles FAQAudio: A Prompt File From Media Server Did Not Run
Audio: Caller Does Not Hear Prompt or Expected Event Does Not OccurAudio: Caller Hears Nothing but No Errors LoggedAudio: Caller Hears Prompt then Dead Air, Fast Busy, or Pause, then Disconnected
Audio: Caller Hears System Error MessageAudio: Cannot Deploy Newly Added Speech ServerAudio: Clicking Noise Heard During Scansoft TTS on IP Phones
Audio: DTMF Barge-in Not DetectedAudio: Garbled Prompts or VoiceAudio: GetSpeech Micro-Application With Datatype "Currency" Does Not Work with Negative Currencies
Audio: Hearing English System Critical Message When Locale Not Set to en-usAudio: Incoming Audio-Only Calls to IVP Are Not RejectedAudio: Large Number of Invalid Entries for Speech Recognition
Audio: Large Number of No Matches for Speech RecognitionAudio: Long Pauses between PromptsAudio: Micro-Application May Not Always Create Correct VoiceXML
Audio: No Audio After Consult TransferAudio: No Ring Tone When Transfer to Unified CCE AgentAudio: One-Way Audio on Voice Gateway
Audio: One-way Voice after Agent TransferAudio: Prompts Not Played Intermittently, Random Prompts, Random ICM ScriptsAudio: Prompts Not Played if SetTransferLabel is Configured
Audio: Record Element Not Saving The Recorded Audio File in SFTP ServerAudio: Same Prompt Repeats Multiple TimesAudio: SpeechWorks Does Not Work with Unified CVP
Audio: Speech Recognition Does Not Recognize Wide Character String GrammarsAudio: Speech and DTMF Keystroke Recognition Take Long Time to CompleteAudio Error Message: I'm sorry, we are currently experiencing system problems and are unable to process your call. Please try again later
Audio Error Message: I'm sorry, we are experiencing difficulties. Please call back at a later time.Audio Prompt: Audio quality issue while playing promptsAudio Prompt: Custom error ringtone not playing
Audio Prompt: VVB does not play a particular audio file or promptAuthentication: Cannot clear user credentials from the Tomcat realmAuthentication: User attempts an HTTP request and receives an HTTP response with status code 401 (Unauthorized)
Authentication: XMPP Connection (Eventing): The XMPP/BOSH connection cannot be authenticatedAuto Answer option does not workAuto Log with SecureCRT
Automated Attendant prompt is not playedAutomated Remote VTY Command ScriptAutomation Errors
Autonomic NetworkingBLR UCS TME Dinner 2013
Backing Up and Archiving DataBacking Up and Recovering DataBackup, Restore, and Upgrade cannot be started from a client desktop
Backup Fails in One of the Components with Result Code 109Backup and Restore: "Retrying ASR Server. Last tried BACKUP asr-en-US-backup. primary tried:0, backup tried:1" ErrorBackup and Restore: Changing Backup Server Requires Restart
Backup and Restore: Reporting Server Purging DailyBackup failed for a One or Two-Node systemBackup operation failed while backing up Config/Database/Recordings using PUT
Banyan VINESBasic BLF Configuration and IP phones that supports BLFBasic Load Balancing Using Bridged Mode on the Cisco Application Control Engine Configuration Example
Basic Load Balancing Using One Arm Mode with Source NAT on the Cisco Application Control Engine Configuration ExampleBasic Load Balancing Using Routed Mode on the Cisco Application Control Engine Configuration Example
Basic SNMPv3 - ASR9KBefore You Buy or Deploy - Considerations for Design and ProcurementBest Effort Early Offer Release 10.5(1)
Blank page 1Border Gateway ProtocolBot Test
Both nodes stay in island mode even though they are reachableBridging and Switching BasicsBrowser: Firefox does not display Administration Console
Browser Support for REM CustomersBug Search 2.0 - What's new?Built in Grammar minlength and maxlength with Default or Cisco Media Group for DTMF inputs
Bulk Configuration: Application error during Template deploymentBulk Configuration: Authentication failure during Template deploymentBulk Configuration: Empty ASR TTS Server List in VVB Template
BullGuard Phone Number 1-646-751-8006CADCAD-UCCE-85
CAD Desktop Monitoring Log AnalysisCAD Desktop Recording Log AnalysisCAD desktop not accessible via telnet from the Unified CCX server
CAD for UCCE 8.5CAD or CSD window shows partial service for recording and statisticsCAD services visible in CLI 'utils service list' command
CBACCCPCCX Context Service Initialization fails and RTMT Alert “ContextServiceInitializationFailed” is shown. Context Service steps will fail
CCX Node is not reachable during backup using PUTCDA doesn't show checkbox for Outbound Dialer ModeCDN Home
CDN testCDP Protocol Driver missing in Device ManagerCETTool.exe on Windows 64-bit
CET tool exits with CetTool.bat not found errorCIM Best PracticesCIM to ICM Object Mappings
CLI: CLI command utils dbreplication status all does not include Finesse tablesCLI: CLI commands utils dbreplication repair and utils dbreplication repairtable do not work for Finesse tables
CLI: Show version active command shows COP file after an upgradeCLI command to activate Finesse fails with an Invalid License errorCMB Unable to Establish RMI Link to CIM
CME / CUE FAQCOE Grizzly Release: High-Availability Manual Installation GuideCP-PWR-CUBE
CPU usage on the agent’s PC has gone to 99% and the PC has locked upCRS-1 CGSE/6rd Configuration ExampleCRS 4.5 profile name is missing
CSACSD shows oldest in queue as 1(00:00:00)
CSQs are not visible in the Available CSQs listCSR1000V:HomeCSR1000V:Licensing FAQ
CSR1000V:Smart Licensing FAQCSR1000V:Troubleshooting - LicensingCSR1000V:Troubleshooting - Self-diagnosis Tools
CSR1000V:Troubleshooting - Smart LicensingCSR1000V in Openstack/Neutron Kilo ReleaseCSR1kv in Openstack/Neutron Kilo Release
CTI-Server ChecklistCTIERR TIMEOUT=0x8ccc0001 on Call RedirectCTIOS: Desktop is Minimized
CTIOS ChecklistCTI OS: CRM Connector for SiebelCTI OS option
CUAE - Troubleshooting ApplicationsCUAE - Troubleshooting Call ControlCUAE - Troubleshooting Cisco DeviceListX
CUAE - Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Application DesignerCUAE - Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Application Server LicensingCUAE - Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Media Engine
CUAE - Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Media Engine LicensingCUAE - Troubleshooting Cuaeadmin and Management ServicesCUAE - Troubleshooting Etch
CUAE - Troubleshooting H.323CUAE - Troubleshooting HMPCUAE - Troubleshooting Installation
CUAE - Troubleshooting JTAPI/CTICUAE - Troubleshooting LicensingCUAE - Troubleshooting Media Engine - General
CUAE - Troubleshooting NuanceCUAE - Troubleshooting Platform ServicesCUAE - Troubleshooting SCCP
CUAE - Troubleshooting SIPCUAE - Troubleshooting TTSCUAE Release Notes
CUBE Log X3CUBE Outbound with CPA in Unified CCX ConfigurationCUCM Clustering FAQ
CUCM Dial Plan and Call Routing FAQCUCM Directory Synchronization FAQCUCM FAQ
CUCM Installation FAQCUCM Media Resources FAQCUCM Phone Directories FAQ
CUCM Trace Lookup for different scenariosCUCM Upgrades and Migrations FAQCUC FAQ
CUIC gadgets in Finesse fails with authentication errors in SSO modeCUIC reports with DO NOT CALL column not working after upgrade.CUPC ports for 7.0 to 8.5
CUPC well known ports for 7.0 to 8.5.CUPS/IM&P FAQCVD communication failed during backup using PUT
CVP Reporting Server ConfigurationCable Access TechnologiesCall Control: Call is dropped during CG failover
Call Control: Cannot use phone to complete conference after initiating consult on desktopCall Control: Extra participant on Agent Desktop in conference callCall Control: Held call becomes active when the other participant signs in
Call Control: Incoming call information is lost after signing out and signing back inCall Control: Re-route On No Answer (RONA) does not work with PG failoverCall Control: Reflecting "Offhook" state of the agent device prior to login
Call Control: Reflecting Offhook state of the agent device prior to loginCall Control: Reflecting a call made to an unmonitored line prior to login
Call Control: Reflecting state of a call that is ringing at the far end after Unified CCE failoverCall Control: Reflecting unmonitored calls before loginCall Dequeue Step sometimes does not dequeue the call
Call Flow Details for CUBE Inbound Dial Peer RecordingCall Flow Details for CUBE and CVPCall Flow Details for CUBE using Unified CM Phone
Call Flow Details for CUBE with CTI-Controlled Unified CM AgentsCall Flow Details for CUBE with Mid-call Codec ChangeCall Flow Details for Cisco MediaSense
Call Processing: Application media file not foundCall Processing: Call fails during SDP negotiation
Call Processing: Call fails if VXML Application is not available in the CVP VXML ServerCall Processing: Call fails in Secured modeCall Processing: Call fails in Secured mode due to HTTPS Certificate unavailability
Call Processing: Calls are failingCall Processing: Calls are failing after changing the MRCP Dialog Channel from V1 to V2 or vice versaCall Processing: Calls are failing and VVB plays error.wav audio
Call Processing: Calls getting rejectedCall Processing: Calls getting rejected after 600 simultaneous callsCall Processing: Trigger not found
Call Processing: VXML Application not foundCall Server: "Have You Configured Your Call Server?" ErrorCall Server: CALL Server Cannot Connect to IVP Server
Call Server: CVP Warm Transfer With Queuing Get DisconnectedCall Server: Call Server Cannot Communicate with Co-located Reporting ServerCall Server: Call Server Is Not Reachable
Call Server: Call Server Is UnreachableCall Server: Call Server or VoiceXML Service Cannot Be RestartedCall Server: Call Server “Variable Data Is Invalid” Error
Call Server: Calls Are DisconnectingCall Server: Connection between Unified CVP and IVP cannot be established when setting up TLSCall Server: Connection with PIM Dropped, Call Server Going Out of Service
Call Server: Device Becomes CorruptedCall Server: ECC Variable Contents Truncated after Passing through Call ServerCall Server: Erratic Behavior When Everything Is Configured Properly
Call Server: Full Video Call Disconnected When Routed Through IVPCall Server: Full Video Calls Drop upon Dialing the DNISCall Server: Full Video Warm Transfer with Queuing Not Working
Call Server: H.323 Service Cannot Access Call ServerCall Server: Hold Movie not Visible to Caller on HoldCall Server: IVR Service CALL RESULT Returns Error Code Other than 0
Call Server: IVR Subsystem Goes into Disabled State When Call Server Service StartsCall Server: IVR Subsystem Returns a 500 Rejection on VXML Fetch from GatewayCall Server: Invalid Path or File Name
Call Server: Invalid Thumbnail Images on VMS ServerCall Server: Java Garbage Collection Performance Tuning Is Not Set ProperlyCall Server: Media Poller timing issues
Call Server: Movie Media of Video Micro-Application Cannot be InterruptedCall Server: Non-English Video Text Overlay is Garbled in Full VideoCall Server: Only One Call Server Is Receiving Calls
Call Server: Received ERROR SCRIPT NAME = 6 on IVR ServiceCall Server: Resetting System Clock Stops IVR Service RequestsCall Server: Resource Manager Service Fails to Start
Call Server: SIP Code 488 or 603 Returned on Full Video Call RejectionCall Server: SSL RecoveryCall Server: Unable Add IOS Device Because Device Is Already Managed
Call Server: Unable to Import Projects from 10.5 from 11.5Call Server: Unable to Process Playback RequestCall Server: Undecipherable Message Is Displayed When the VMS Subsystem Is Down
Call Server: Unified CVP shows 1 to 2 second delay in the Call Server when VXML gateway bootstraps the callCall Server: VMS Administrator Replaces Video Content While Agent is PreviewingCall Server: VMS Administrator Replaces Video Content While Agent is Pushing Initial Video to Caller
Call Server: VRU Application Error in Call Server LogCall Server: “Dialogue Failure Event” Error in the Call Server Log FilesCall Server Troubleshooting
Call Studio (customhelloworld) audio error messagesCall Tracing: Skill group real-time dataCall Tracing: Tracking a call that does not reach Unified Expert Advisor
Call Tracing: Tracking the call in Unified CMCall Tracing: Tracking the call in Unified ICMCall Tracing: Using to Parse the Logs
Call Tracing: What components did the call reach?Call aborted due to WFMaxExecutedStepsExceededExceptionCall connects but no media
Call does not get transferred to IVR route point after an agent ends the call.Call drops during transfer over gatewayCall fails if agent doesn’t pick the call in the first two rings
Call fails to connect - No media brokerCall fails with CallCtlConnFailed eventCall flow of a request and event sequence when a silent monitor call is initiated
Call immediately hangs up or rings once and hangs upCall information not displayed on Finesse Desktop after recovery from client crash, disconnect or failoverCall is marked as busy if the customer disconnects a call without receiving the call
Call is not retried for abandoned and failed callsCall redirected from one RP to the other causes agent to get stuck in RESERVEDCall redirected from one RP to the other multiple times with Redirect Step
Call reserves an agent although caller hanged in IPIVRCall reserves an agent although caller hanged in IPIVR.Call transfer fails if the agent transfers the call from one IVR to a different IVR
Call transfer fails if the agent transfers the call from one IVR to a different IVR.Callback button is not green after a callback has been scheduledCallback date and time not being honored for Outbound calls
Callback to Customer FailsCallback to Customer Fails 2Callback widgets are not displayed
Called Number Summary Report (CNSR) has more calls than the Traffic Analysis Report (TAR)Caller Cannot Hear Ringback ToneCaller Hears Silence Before the Greeting Plays
Caller gets dropped when an attempt is made to recall a Cisco Unified CCX agent extension after the agent previously parked the callCallers hear a fast busy while calling the JTAPI triggersCalling a route point with an MRCP ASR Dialog Group results in default treatment
Calling party and Cisco Unified CCX do not have common codecCalls are failing in IVR and user hears busy tone for these callsCalls are failing in IVR and user hears busy tone for these calls.
Calls are failing in IVR intermittently – Some calls go through successfully and some fail intermittently and it may seem like the TCP connection is broken from the VRU PIM side at the time of the failed calls.Calls are failing with ApplicationMaxSessionsException because there are not enough sessions created for an ICM application in IPIVRCalls are failing with ApplicationMaxSessionsException because there are not enough sessions created for an ICM application in IPIVR.
Calls are not routed to agentsCalls are sometimes not delivered accordingly to Skill Competence when Resource Selection Criteria is Most SkilledCalls detected as answering machine are marked as voice in the Real-Time Reports
Calls detected as busy are marked as invalid numberCalls detected as fax or answering machine are marked as abandoned callsCalls fail with CTIERR TIMEOUT=0x8ccc0001::Cti request timed out
Calls not getting transferred to Route Point / All the calls are getting abandonedCalls to Cisco Unified CCX route points are disconnectedCalls to IVR are failing and ICM subsystem is OUT OF SERVICE
Calls to IVR are failing and ICM subsystem is OUT OF SERVICE.Campus Switch Deployed as an Aggregation for VLANs Configuration ExampleCan't create a new Datasource from the Appadmin
Canned AG.ICMS Script Fails to Play VRU Script when the Call needs to be QueuedCannot Complete Call ControlCannot activate DB components on HA node
Cannot activate Datastore components on HA nodeCannot activate datastores on second node in HA deployment. On node2 DB version in Bootstrap 8.00.2187 does not match actual Database Engine version 8.00.2282Cannot configure Alarms and traces for VOIP monitoring services.
Cannot configure Application or System parameters from the Cisco Unified CCX AdministrationCannot configure Application or System parameters from their pages in Cisco Unified CCX AdministrationCannot create or update configurations using Finesse Administration on subscriber node
Cannot find Cisco desktop services in CCX serviceability.Cannot login to CLICannot make configuration changes in HA cluster
Cannot make configuration changes in RmCm SubsystemCannot point to local applications from the Database Server Configuration pageCapturing Logs
Catalyst 4500/4900 series ISSU compatibility matrixCatalyst 6500 , running TCL scripts to configure sub-interfaces
Central Controller/AW/HDS Common Ground upgrade failure scenarios and roll back procedureCertificate Load Fails on Cisco IdS Startup. Cisco IdS is in Partial ServiceCertificate Load Fails while Certificate Monitoring is On. Cisco IdS is in Partial Service
Certificates FAQCet-indiaChange a string variable to an integer
Changes, additions, or deletions to MRCP ASR Providers, MRCP Servers, or Groups do not take effectChanges, additions, or deletions to MRCP TTS Providers, MRCP Servers, locales, or genders do not take effectChanges made by the administrator have not showed up in Agent Desktop
Changes to applications do not registerChanges to team composition not dynamically updated in Finesse Supervisor Desktop Team Performance GadgetChanging REM Passwords
Changing the time in Cisco Unified CCX machines results in agents getting logged offCharts and Gauges: Gauge value update failed. The footer is null or not a number.Charts and Gauges: Printing
Charts and Gauges: The Chart Save FailsCharts and Gauges: The Report View is BlankCharts and Gauges: Unexpected JavaScript exception
Charts do not appear on reportCharts do not appear properly in MS Excel formatChat/Email control gadget in Finesse shows error though Agent has Chat/Email capability

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