Some of the HR reports do not show complete data for the entire reporting period or gives no data error

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HR reports not showing complete data for the entire reporting period or gives no data error

Problem Summary While generating some of the Historical Reports from HRC, we get no data error or the generated report does not have complete set of data
Error Message sometimes we get "no data found for the reporting period.."
Possible Cause Because of temp dbspace limitation in informix, we have implemented a limit on the data on which report can be generated at one time. This limit is currently fixed on first 10,000 records in CCD table starting from the report start dateime. We take the timestamp from the 10000th record in CCD table and generate the report only till that timestamp starting from the report start datetime. If the concerned report does not have any data in this time frame, the report gives "no data.." error.
Recommended Action In UCCX 8.5, if there is no data in such a case, a blank report will be generated with a dummy record and a footnote displaying the message for this limitation. Else, if the report is generated with incomplete data, then also a footnote will be displayed with the messgage for this limitation. From DE side, efforts are on to take care of the actual issue in some way.
Release Release 8.0(1), 8.0(2)
Associated CDETS # CSCtj46902

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