SocialMiner User Interface - Selecting a contact from the Alert list produces an error dialog

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Selecting a contact from the Alert list produces an error dialog

Problem Summary An error dialog appears when an agent tries to reply to a contact from the Alert list drop-down.
Error Message
  • There is no reply template associated with this chat contact.
  • Unsupported reply template: the Cisco Chat reply template must be associated with the chat feed.
  • There was an error updating the chat contact.
  • The chat contact was not found.
Possible Cause
  • The updating the chat contact error is caused by a race condition, where, for example, a SocialMiner user using the Search or Campaign Results panel replies to a contact while a second user is looking at the same contact in the alarm list.
  • A user may see the chat contact not found message if the user attempts to reply to an unread chat contact that is being (or has just been) purged while the user is seeing the contact in the alert list.
Recommended Action
  • Check the chat feed used to generate the contact and ensure the reply template is set to Cisco Chat.
  • For both the updating and not found errors, refresh the Alerts list.
Release 10.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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