SocialMiner User Interface - Errors for Twitter Reply Template

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SocialMiner User Interface - Errors for Twitter Reply Template

Problem Summary This page shows error messages you might see when you use the Twitter Reply Template.
Error Message

Twitter did not allow the tweet or retweet to post.

Possible Cause

This error typically happens for one of the following reasons:

  • The user attempts to retweet one of their own tweets.
  • The user attempts to post the same tweet multiple times.
Error Message

Twitter did not allow the tweet or retweet to post.

The reply is a duplicate.

A direct message cannot be sent to a user who is not following you.

The same direct message cannot be consecutively sent to the same user.

The tweet, direct message, or Twitter user was not found.

Following yourself is not allowed.

Possible Cause

These six error messages are self-explanatory.

Error Message SocialMiner failed to translate the error.
Possible Cause The error messages that have been encountered during development are included in this list. They will be translated.

Because there is no exhaustive list of Twitter errors, it is likely new error messages will be encountered in the field and during development. When this happens, the error message listed in this row will be displayed along with any error details sent from Twitter.

Error Message No further error information was provided.
Possible Cause Twitter did not return any additional error details.
Error Message No response was received from Twitter.
Possible Cause This error occurs when Twitter does not return a response to SocialMiner within 30 seconds. If you see this error, Twitter is most likely busy.
Error Message An unexpected exception occurred while processing the request.
Possible Cause An exception occurred on SocialMiner while executing the request to Twitter. If this occurs, contact a Cisco Support representative, who can review the SocialMiner log files to determine the cause of the exception.
Release Release 8.5(4)
Associated CDETS # None

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