SocialMiner User Interface - Clear Cache and Cookies to Troubleshoot Unexpected Results

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Clear Cache and Cookies to Troubleshoot Unexpected Results

Problem Summary SocialMiner pages do not show the information you expect. For example, you can see that a Feed is pulling in social contacts for a campaign, but those social contacts do not appear in the Home tab "Open" list for that campaign.
Error Message None
Possible Cause Various
Recommended Action Use the browser tool for clearing cache and cookies.

Clearing these resets the browser state as it appears to SocialMiner. SocialMiner settings are reset to default and all related files (pages and Javascript) are fully downloaded again.

Prior to Release 8.5(3), it was sometimes necessary to clear the cache to get the latest web pages and script from SocialMiner, especially when the server had been upgraded. Clearing the cache will become less necessary after future upgrades, as SocialMiner 8.5(4) ships with a new mechanism for tracking and controlling the cache.

Clearing cookies is always a basic troubleshooting step to try before reaching out for support.

Release Release 8.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None

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