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(Read SocialMiner Documentation and Watch Linked Videos)
(Read SocialMiner Documentation and Watch SocialMiner Training Videos)
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[ The Facebook Guide Book]
[ The Facebook Guide Book]
=Read SocialMiner Documentation and Watch SocialMiner Training Videos=
=Read Documentation and Watch Training Videos=
Estimated Time to complete: 2 hours
Estimated Time to complete: 2 hours

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This is the technical training for engineers who will be installing or supporting Cisco SocialMiner.

After completing this self-guided course you should be familiar with installation and operation of the the Cisco SocialMiner product. This course includes reading documentation, watching videos, and doing self-directed labs with the SocialMiner software.

Estimated Total time for self-directed Training: 8 hours.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Access to Cisco SocialMiner software a server machine


  • Access to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) software and a server machine. Required to see SocialMiner reporting data.
  • A Google/Gmail Account. Required for configuring Google Alert Feeds.
  • Access to an SMTP server. Required to test email notifications
  • Access to an XMPP service such as Google chat, or CUP/Jabber, or Webex. Required to test IM notifications.
  • Twitter Account. Required to configure a Twitter Stream or Twitter Account Feed.
  • An AD server and/or access to an AD server. Required to configure AD (and log in as anything other then Administrator)


Introduction to SocialMiner Product Concept

Review the marketing material, presentations, and videos.

Familiarize Yourself with the SocialMiner Foundation Technology and Social Media Sites

Estimated Time: 1 hours (this will vary depending on the familiarity with these sites)

The setup and configuration of SocialMiner to monitor Twitter and Facebook requires good working knowledge of these sites. For background information on these sites, review the following Mashable resources:

The Twitter Guide Book

The Facebook Guide Book

Read Documentation and Watch Training Videos

Estimated Time to complete: 2 hours

Read the SocialMiner documentation.

This documentation includes installation and configuration as well as design guidance you might typically find in a Cisco Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) guide. This document is ~30 pages and you can either read it in its entirety or if you prefer you may optionally alternate back and forth between reading this document and doing the labs in Part 3 which should roughly correspond to the sequence of the material in the documentation. The document also includes clips to short videos that show demonstrations of certain feature/functions.

Tip: if you can see watch all training videos by watching the SocialMiner Training Playlist on YouTube.

Install a SocialMiner System

Estimated Time: 1 hour (active time 15 minutes)

You will need the SocialMiner software and a server running VMWare.

Install a SocialMiner system per instructions in the documentation.

Note: This part of the lab is optional for anyone who has previously installed a Cisco VOS-based product (like Cisco Unified Communications Manager). You will find this installation essentially identical. There is nothing unique to the installation of SocialMiner

Complete the SocialMiner Lab Exercises

Estimated Time: 3 hours

You will need access to a SocialMiner system.

Conduct the labs as described on this page of the doc wiki:

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