SocialMiner Health Check in CCX

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SocialMiner Health Check in CCX

Problem Summary Subsystems > Chat and Email > SocialMiner Configuration page health status shows non-green icon
Error Message Health icon is not green(Yellow or Red).

For logs enable ADM_CFG and REST_CLIENT under "Cisco Unified CCX Administration" in Serviceability. XDebugging1 should be enabled for ADM_CFG to get full logs.

Possible Cause Feeds, Campaigns, Notifications and/or Email server may not be fully functional.
Recommended Action If Email server is down, please follow this Reinjecting Contacts if SocialMiner Loses Connectivity to Exchange

For others click save to update the configuration on SocialMiner. If problem persists verify Email account credentials are correct for Email CSQS, check logs for more details.

Release 10.6(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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