SocialMiner Feeds - Invalid Feeds

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SocialMiner Feeds - Invalid Feeds

Problem Summary You are aware of RSS version issue or invalid feeds.
Error Message The version of RSS is unsupported.
Possible Cause The feed is not one of the supported Feed Types.
Recommended Action Verify that the feed is one of the supported types. You can verify the RSS feed using a feed validator such as the W3C Feed Validation Service

If the site is not providing a valid Feed or is providing a version of RSS that is not supported by SocialMiner, you may be able to use a service such as Feed Burner to read the invalid feed and publish a reformatted/supported feed. Another feed manipulation service you may try is Yahoo Pipes.

Release Release 9.0(x), 10.0(1), 10.5(1) 
Associated CDETS # None

Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)

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